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I’m going to draw, on paper, I’ll put the results up on tumblr!

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HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

This is to be the next biggest holiday. 

i dont know whether this is cute or terrifying

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Pokeshipping in the Togepi Mirage Special

This is actually one of my favorite episodes in terms of Pokeshipping, I feel like that Ash and Misty’s interactions in this episode were a lot better than that of The Real Cleffa Hanger. Ash and Misty are always near each other in this episode, it’s kinda cute c: and how protective Ash is of both Misty and Togepi is adorable, he tells Max to take Misty and the others away from harms way and he tries to get into the barrier even before Misty does and you can see him shaking as they both witness Togepi’s pain do to Hansen, and he’s the only one helping Misty trying to open the barrier. Brock also suggests just for Ash and Misty to fight Hansen but May says she wants to tag along as well ( I’m thinking because she has torchic? But I don’t know). I just thought, in terms of Pokeshipping I really liked it, and I just liked Ash and Misty interactions in it overall.
Some things I caught on that doesn’t have to do with shipping was, the whole Space/Time reference and the fact that Meowth didn’t care that Togepi was getting hurt.

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Water Starters of the Pokemon Region!

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